Who Are the Friends

The Friends of the Duluth Public Library is a membership based organization that assists with the development and promotion of the Duluth Public Library and advocates its importance in the community.

Money raised at events hosted by the Friends is contributed to the library and used to assist with the purchase of resources and equipment such as books, database services and e-readers. In addition, the Friends help fund library programs like the Kaleidoscope Series, which is a free entertainment series for children held throughout the summer in the Main Library Plaza; and the Cabin Fever Reliever Program, which is a series of events held throughout the winter for adults, teens and kids.

A board of directors oversees the Friends.
Meetings of the Board of Directors are held the third Tuesday of every month (excluding June & December).

Board of Directors

Sheryl Billman – Treasurer
Milissa Brooks-Ojibway – Secretary
Sarah Culver
Clarice Heitala
Lucy Holzemer
Mary Karl
Carol Kelley
June Kreutzkampf
Lee Malis
Theresa O’Gara – Library Foundation Liaison
Sheri Olson – Vice President
Elizabeth Pearson
Carla Powers – Library Manager
Betty Ramsland – Library Board Liaison
Marcia Semerau – President and Book Sale Chair
Cheryl Skafte – Volunteer Coordinator
Terese Tomanek

Wendy Williamson

To become a valued member of the Friends of the Duluth Library, click here.

Questions, Concerns, Ideas? We’d love to hear from you.
Please email us at info@friendsofdpl.com or post a message on our Facebook page.